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4 Min Full Body At-Home Equalizer Workout

In-Household Complete Body Exercise employing Lebert Equalizers. Goods utilised in this movie: Subscribe to our channel: Find …

31 thoughts on “4 Min Full Body At-Home Equalizer Workout

  1. What a great circuit, FitForTwoTV.  I like how you just went at it and did it, no talking, just showed each.  Thanks!  I'm going to try a few sets of that exact circuit in my backyard this springtime.  Cheers!

  2. For push-up exercises, I find my back develops feeling better and stronger if at the bottom of each repetition I let my thorax be as high (off the ground) as possible and lower my elbows as much as possible.  This helps with stretching the tendons and ligaments on my back, I would imagine.
    I have a friend who keep his elbow nearly vertical throughout his push-up exercises and I think this resulted in his poor standing posture with his shoulders pulled back and chest sticking out.

  3. Hi Andres, The link in the description for this video will take you directly to the Lebert online store. Since we last connected, they've come out with many great products – you should check them out!

  4. Where did you buy those dip bars?! I searched EVERYWHERE for them and can't find them! What are they called? Please help find them, I did this in my home workout routine more than anything.

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