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6.5 ft Climbing Rope with Platforms – Swing Set Accessories

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Climbing Rope with Platforms
Jungle Gym and/or Swing Set Accessories

The climbing rope is one of the classic swing set accessories! Add it to your current swing set, climbing rope ladder, hang it from a tree to make it a rope swing! You can even use it to make a little obstacle course or boot camp in your very own backyard!

Not only will it provide hours of fun, it will build confidence, improve balance, develop coordination, encourage exercise and will put your little climber to the test! What child isn’t up for a challenge?

A traditional climbing rope tends to be difficult for most people to climb as there are only knots or no place at all for your feet. With our climbing rope, the 4-inch platforms are evenly spaced at approximately 13 inches apart to take care of that problem. Any climber will gain confidence using the half round platform design as they scale the 6 1/2 foot rope. The rope itself is strong yet soft to protect your little one’s hands from chafing or rope burns!

The Climbing Rope is made of high-quality durable rope and high-quality plastic platforms. The design ensures fun will last for many years to come.

Disclaimer: The climbing rope is not intended for commercial use and should only be used in a residential environment.Swing set accessories: the climbing rope is a “must have” to go along with the other swing set accessories for your backyard playground! With the half round step design it is sure to add lots of success and fun to any existing swing set.
Outdoor fun: add it to your current swing set, use it as a tree climbing rope, climbing rope ladder or a rope swing! The climbing rope can even be added to your fitness routine for a full body workout!
Durable design: this climbing rope for kids is soft, making it safe on your child’s hands! The 5 half round platforms for their feet allow your child to have greater success climbing to the top! The climbing rope has a weight limit of 150 pounds and meets and/or exceeds tuv safety standards.
What’s included: a 78 inch climbing rope, 5 – 4 inch half round platforms to help your child successfully climb to the top and a metal ring for an easy connection.
Intended use: the climbing rope was designed for residential use only and should not be used in a commercial environment.

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