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Abdominal and Core Trainer Mat For Lower Back Support , With Video Links and Bonus 4K eBook

Price Today: $49.99 - $19.99

Truly one of the most effective pieces of work out equipment , our ab exerciser helps men and women trim up their waists by improving on the original ab workout , the situp . For proper posture and quick results , we have an advantage over the competition . The secret to seeing max results is using good form . Our QR codes work with your smart phone to let you see our fitness trainers demonstrating each exercise so you can follow along and use proper form .

The mat gives firm yet comfortable resistance from start to finish to divert force from your lower back to your upper body and stomach muscles . You actually get a more complete range of motion , too , as the mat allows you to extend beyond flat , carving your tummy into a six pack .

It’s convenient , portable size allows you to store and travel with it easily , for days when you can’t get to a gym . Made of attractive black vinyl synthetic leather . This padded cushion provides low impact situps for a trimmer waist , as sit ups are a great fat burner for beginners . For advanced bodybuilding and pro users , provides protection for the tailbone , and acts as an isolator and protector for abdomen , oblique and butt muscles .

100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee . We’ll refund your purchase if you don’t think this is the most effective ab toner you’ve ever used . Ebook arrives as email attachment.

Provides full range of motion for training obliques and ab muscles , doing crunches and sit-ups
Removes strain and stress from your lower back and maximizes the effectiveness of every sit up , crunch , and six inchers on your abs
Ergonomically designed to mimic the curve of your lumbar so that you get a full extension on the way down and utilize your full range of contraction on the way up
QR codes right on the back of unit link to instruction training video series that demonstrate the proper techniques for each exercise
Easy to clean , and provides excellent grip to the floor to prevent slipping and injury

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